Favourite things

Things I like. I like the sunrise on a morning when I draw my curtains in winter and spring, the way the ground glistens with the morning frost, and the way it feels when you touch a warm radiator when the outside world is freezing.  I like feeling warm when it’s cold outside and knowing I have to wrap up warm before I embark upon the busy day ahead.

Autumn leaves, and kicking them along the pavement like I did when I was a child. There is something very enjoyable about doing the things you did when you were ‘little’. I like the calm feeling I get while kicking autumn leaves, scattered around the ground all different shades of red, brown and orange. Another bonus is it’s my birthday in November and there are usually some leaves left to kick about.

I like hugging my boyfriend when things have gone wrong or when I’m stressed. The relaxed feeling I get, when in his broad Yorkshire accent, he says: “Let’s get a cuppa tea down you.” I like loving my boyfriend, coming home after a busy day and putting my feet up, a good catch up, a glass of red with a good meal. Sometimes I wonder if I’m 20 or 60, some of my ‘likes’ are not the average for someone my age.

My friends, catching up and partying on special occasions and any time we can. I like posing for pictures, me with a Malibu and lemonade in one hand and my other arm around a friend. Girlie catch-ups when I friends come from all over the UK in the holidays, talking about old times, new times, getting the gossip on all their lives.

Going to the rugby with my boyfriend’s family. Listening to the cheers of: “Come on Leeds Rhino’s.” Nothing beats seeing thousands of smiling faces, and people supping pints when we score a try. All the rugby chants that have been stolen from football, or vice versa, getting excited when we start doing well, or the long journey home talking about the match if we lose.

Channel 4 documentary’s and pretending to understand all the ‘big words’ while my family all nod in agreement with what is being said. Television, soap operas and reality TV. My obsession with Big Brother and The Only Way is Essex, for my sins I do apologise.

Ballroom and Latin dancing. Nothing quite beats doing five fast jive’s on the trot and then winning the competitions in Blackpool Winter Gardens. Dancing with my best friend Oliver when I was younger and feeling a rush of excitement when my dance teacher said I had the best ‘top-line’. Discovering dancing, dancing, dancing. The Viennese Waltz, the elegance behind spinning constantly and not falling over. Show-dancing, the lifts, the costumes, the extravagance.

Romantic comedies, thrillers, period dramas, and laugh out loud films. Horror movies and hiding behind a cushion, I only ever really get to watch ten minutes of the film and spend the rest of it hiding behind my unsuspecting friend, boyfriend or mum. The suspense of a good film. Film’s that you don’t think you will ike, that turn out to be fantastic.

Nando’s, authentic Italian restaurants, eating Chinese in China, Indian foods cooked by my Indian neighbours, good, nice, wholesome food really. Being full, but not too full, feeling comforted but not overly full. Good food can ultimately make every bad day feel good. Salad’s and barbeques in the summer, winter broths and roast dinners in winter.

My family, I lost my dad when I was thirteen and now my family that I have mean the world to me. My charming, cute and funny little, disabled brother. My comical, young, sociable sister. My loving, caring, bubbly mummy. My wonderful, wise, old granddad. You can’t beat the people you see every day, yet never tire of their craziness. Trips out in the summer, long weekends away, chatting about the good old times we had as kids and the people that are missing.

Joseph Gordon- Levitt, because he is the spitting image of my boyfriend and an amazing actor. His smile is adorable and he always acts so relaxed and down-to-earth in interviews. The late Heath Ledger, he was a sex god need I say any more? His acting was amazing, and when I was younger I dreamed of acting with him! Johnny Depp, I do not need to clarify this or explain why. This guy has had such an immense career. Will he ever stop, I ask myself. He can adapt his style to suit any role and he is epic. The comedy of Jim Carrey. He has the ability to make me smile no matter how down I am- apart from in Ace Ventura. I hate Ace Ventura. With a vengeance. The worst part is that my boyfriend loves it.

I like Lee Evans! He’s another awesome, awe-inspiring man, and he is just hilarious! I mean he starred alongside Jim Carrey and he’s ‘just a comedian from Bristol’! You may have noticed a pattern here- I like brunettes. I joke, I joke, I like down to earth characters. I like brunettes too, I might add.

I like all the things that everyone should like. The things that make me happy. I don’t care what anyone else thinks.

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