Petrol increases in Sheffield but taxi fares stay the same

Taxi drivers in Sheffield will not receive a pay rise, and taxi fares will not go up, when petrol prices rise to a record high this Easter.

The average price for unleaded petrol is currently 138.32p a litre and Diesel is 145.10p. Diesel has risen by nearly 5 pence a litre since mid-January.

Ebi Fakhredin, from S1 Cabs, said his income will not increase despite the rise. He said: “I don’t own the cab and I will have more expenses working in this job,” he added: “I won’t have the money to spend on other things I want and need.”

Another driver, Ali H from Black London Taxi’s, said: “It will affect our income more than expected, the fares will stay the same and we will have to deal with the problem ourselves.” He added that everyone is concerned because every driver will be affected and their income will not increase when fuel prices increase.

Mr S.Khan said: “I am absolutely fed up. Taxi and bus fares stay the same even when petrol goes up. I have no hope now, everyone is fed up.” He says that the situation just keeps getting worse. Taxi fares haven’t increased, he says, since petrol was £1 a litre.

Clearly everyone is concerned that they will not be able to continue with their usual expenses and all drivers will have to cut their expenditure when the petrol prices soar in a few weeks.

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