The truth is stranger than fiction

Some people believe in the afterlife, ghosts and spirits, while others believe that when you die, you are dead and there is nothing else. But what is it that makes people sceptics or believers? All I really know is that I have always believed and it has always proved to be true to me…

It was November 2011 when it happened. I had returned home for a family gathering after leaving for university two months before. I was asleep in bed. I felt as though someone was pushing me into the bed and strangling me.

 I opened my eyes and saw a woman in a long black dress which covered all her body, arms and neck. She had long tangled black hair and a pointed nose. She hovered above me and looked exactly how you would imagine a witch in a story book to look. I was terrified. I was gripping the side of my wooden bed frame tightly out of fear.

I could not even scream out for help. I closed my eyes and rocked my aching head from side-to-side.  When I opened she, or it, was still there. I could not understand it. I had never made contact with this part of the afterlife before and I was petrified. I closed my eyes tightly shut and must have fallen asleep soon after.

The following morning when I went downstairs for breakfast mother asked what was wrong with my neck and fingernails. My nail beds were stained with blood and I had finger marks around my neck. The horror I had experienced the night before must have been real. I told her what had happened and she held me close saying it was awful having such realistic dreams, but I knew the truth. For weeks later I couldn’t sleep in my own bed I was in fact petrified to go to sleep at night. The nightmares grew worse and my mum contacted a spiritualist, to come and ‘cleanse’ the house.

It turned out that our house had been built on a plot of land that had once been a 19th century small holding called Dale Farm. The woman who had contacted me had been trapped in this part of the farm all these years. We believe she had fallen down some stairs where our bathroom is now.

It appears she had been searching for someone who could see her so she could be released. The house had been inhabited by five couples in the ten years before we moved in.  We are all certain that they must have felt a presence that made them feel uncomfortable, but they did not understand it.

The spiritualist group decided she had been coming into my room through a mirror on the wardrobe because I always kept the door open she had reflected back into my room from the landing, where the path to the farm had been, hence she contacted me. Perhaps she knew that I had contacted the afterlife previously.

Mr Christopher Simpson, one of the spiritualists who came to the house, said: “It is common for spirits to become trapped if they have something they need to let out. Something they need to let people know.”

The house was cleansed which stopped all ‘bad’ spirits from coming. We have had no problems since.

I saw my first ghost after my Great Uncle George died, when I was eight. I had been staying at my Uncle’s and Auntie Margaret’s house overnight, and he died of a heart attack. I got into their bed after having a nightmare and my hand was on his chest when he died. Weeks later I saw his full body stood in my back garden. At first he just stared at me and smiled, but then he waved at me. I told my mum about it but she said that I might have imagined it. In the end, it turned out she was wrong. I was seeing the dead.

My grandma on my mum’s side died of cancer when I was eleven. Weeks later I described her walking around our garden and in my Granddad’s house. She was wearing clothes she had not worn for years as she had gained weight in the years I knew her.

Christopher Simpson told me that it was very clear that my Grandma was still a key figure in all our lives and was there to protect my Granddad and my Mum. He said; “The people who are close to us in life remain so in death, and will always be there to protect us, even when we don’t think we need help.”

 When I first started to see people more regularly, I was able to hear voices. I would hear them in my head on a night and I ended up having several headaches with voices buzzing through my head and giving me constant pain. It did not pass until I had understood what I was being told.

My ‘ability’ or ‘contact’ grew stronger when my Dad died of cancer in 2006. I was 13 at the time but have never seen my Dad clearly. Dad died wearing a red t-shirt and when he first died I would see little flashes of red behind me. It was as if he was rushing around trying to get his jobs done just as he was in life. I often wonder why I have not seen him, but I think I would be too upset to see him because we were so close. In my dreams I see him when he was well when I was about 9-years- old, before he got cancer. I imagine him as if he were holding my hand when I was young, running alongside me, walking me down the aisle and helping me along with my life. At the end of these dreams I always see him smile right at me, as if he were stood only a few inches from my face. I am sure that at these times he is telling me that everything will be alright in my life and that he wishes he could still be here with me now in person rather than just spirit.

Christopher Simpson from Leeds says; “Some people find spirits very frightening, but for me it is just natural.” He says he has had visions and seen spirits since he was five or six years old. He said; “It is nothing to be scared of, bad spirits can be cleansed and sent away.”

I have lost other family members since then but I have had little contact from them. I am certain that my Dad and Grandma are still very present in my day-to-day life. I feel as though my Dad is very prominent in my family’s lives too. Whenever we are upset or missing him he appears as if he is trying to comfort us and I get a warm sensation around me. Our guardian angel.

Many people might think I am crazy, or that I only believe in these things because I have lost people who mean a lot to me and I want to bring them back. This cannot be true. As what I am about to tell you will explain.

Last summer I had a reading with a clairvoyant. I was very sceptical but my boyfriend’s sister assured me that the clairvoyant had been very accurate in the past.

I went into the room and sat down opposite a short, big breasted, quite chubby woman with white blond hair and sky blue eyes. She smiled and happily introduced herself. She placed tarot cards on the table and explained all of them in acute detail. She knew that I had younger siblings, had lost a lot of family members and had a long-term boyfriend. She told me that I would have two children and all the things you could argue are easy to tell. Then she told me that my ‘Nana Boshell’ was giving her this information, my mum’s grandma. I was due to be born on her 101st birthday but was born a week late.

The clairvoyant said that my Grandma also on my mum’s side had a message for me. She said: “Your Grandma says you have got to ignore your Granddad because there is nothing wrong with your weight and you are fine as you are.” The week before I went for my clairvoyance evening my Granddad had told me that I had gained weight since my A-levels. This is completely untrue, I have not gained weight. “How can this be?” I thought to myself, “How can she know all this? Was I being contacted in a new way? Is it possible?” Well to put it simply, yes.  I was.

The truth is stranger than fiction.

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