Home-made beef burgers

I fancied something different for tea tonight. This is a British beef burger recipe with an American and Italian twist, or so I would like to think.

Firstly, you will need;

1 kg beef mince (I used extra lean to try to be healthy!)

2 eggs

30g breadcrumbs

100g cooked onion

2 tbsp tomato paste

2 tsp  garlic granules

2tsp tarragon

2tsp paprika

Pinch of salt and pepper

Making the burgers;

Put the mince in a large bowl and mix with the paprika, tarragon, garlic and tomato purée.

Then add the eggs to the mixture and bind together- this holds all the mixture together and binds it all as one.

Now mix in the breadcrumbs to hold the meat and flavours together.

Then add the cooked onion and mix in for added flavour.

Finally, shape into large balls and flatten into burgers. This mixture made 12 burgers. It serves six people and I thought they looked pretty cool.

I served them with a sprinkling of cheddar cheese, homemade garlic and paprika wedges and sweetcorn.

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