Back to the Future 2015: what do you wish we had now?

Today is the day that Doc and Marty McFly fast forwarded to in the future, the 21st October 2015.

We were promised self-tightening Nike’s, food hydrators, flying cars, the lot- but what does the public wish we had the most? Here’s a few things the people of Leeds, West Yorksire, want in their lives the most. 

Sarah Mennell, 19, wishes we could have cheap and affordable fingerprint systems installed into doors for privacy. She said: “We had fingerprint identification at school years ago to pay for our school meals so it should be affordable for all homes by now.” 

 Fingerprint recognition. Source:

Linda Mennell, 51, says we should have food hydrators. “Instant food sounds amazing, I just can’t cook very well and this would solve problems,” she said.

 “As long as there were some healthy options other than just hydrating pizza!” 

 Before and after. Source:

Carleana Watt, 23, says: “I want that pizza hydrate machine too! Along with the hoverboard and the time traveling DeLorean!”

Luke Nichols, 23, just wants to have a De Lorean car. “It doesn’t even have to fly,” he says. “It would just be awesome to have a car that could be a time machine in disguise.” 

 DeLorean. Source:

Ceri Judd, 22, said she wants to be able to go to different times in the past and future.

 “Yeah – I want a time-travelling car. Although, maybe something better made than a DeLorean…”

Sammy Holding, 37, wants self tying laces. “It would make life so much easier on a morning when I’m getting the kids ready,” she said. “With three kids all under six it takes ages getting all their laces tied and shoes on properly!” 

 Where can we get ourselves a pair of these beauties? Source: Google images

Me? I reckon the rejuvenation clinics sound far less scary than having loads of drugs pumped into your body to look younger. They are like a nicer way to look younger rather than cosmetic surgery… Besides Doc looked ace. 

 Source: Google images

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