October 22nd: what a day

Today is the 296th day of the year, but what exciting things have happened on this day in years gone by ,and what does this day mark as an occasion? 

In astrology we are told that people born on this day will: “want to make their mark on the world and may even feel that they are  destined to do so.” How stuff works also said that Libra’s are something special. It said: “They combine personal charm and attractiveness with intelligence and talent.”

The day also marks International Stanmering Awareness Day. Groups regularly get together to talk about how stammering affects their lives and to raise awareness of their cause. Today there is an online conference being held here: http://www.stammering.org/get-involved/events/isad-online-conference-2015  


Some historic landmarks on this day are, in 1861 the first telegraph line was completed to  link the East and West coasts in America.  

 A wood carving of the construction of the telegraph lines. Source: Google images 

Over a century later, in 1966, double agent George Blake (born Behar) escaped London’s Wormwood Scrubs prison. The British spy was a double agent for the Soviet Union, he then became a communist and worked further with them before being imprisoned in 1961. He was sentenced to 42 years, but escaped five years later. 


George Blake. Source: Google images.

On a lighter note, on this day in 1987, Cabaret opened at the Imperial  Theatre NYC for 262 shows.  

 The first photos. Source: Amazon

Famous people with their birthdays on this day also include; Acacia Brinley, 18, who is the lead singer in the band Watercolor. The Massachusetts born star also makes YouTube videos and helps people with self-harm, suicide and self-esteem issues. 

 Acacia Brinley. Source: Google images  

Reggae and pop singer, ‘Shaggy’, real name Orville Richard Burrel, also celebrates his birthday today. The Jamaican rapper had hits such as ‘Angel’ and ‘It wasn’t me’ in the early 2000’s. He is 47 today.

 Source: Google images 

And finally, Christopher Lloyd is 77 today. The actor is known for films such as Who Framed Roger Rabbit when he played an evil judge in the animation, and for playing Reveren Jim Ignatowski in the sitcom Taxi. The movie legend also starred as Doc Emmet Brown in the Back to Future series.  

 Source: Google images

A fitting time for him to be celebrating as yesterday marked the day that his character and Marty (Michael J Fox) went to the future in the second film.

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