Goodnight Sweetheart comeback success

The nineties classic aired again last week and it did not disappoint. Featuring time-travelling Gary (Nicholas Lyndhurst) now stuck in the sixties with his wife Phoebe, who we last saw in the fourties. Viewers are calling for a full new series after many of them took to Twitter to ask the man himself if it could happen.

The episode continued the old hunour, such as that of Gary writing songs from the future and passing them off as his own. A sure way to make the audiences chuckle, Phoebe (Elizabeth Carling) tells their son: “They even took your dad’s song and put it in My Fair Lady.”Photo of Phoebe, Gary and Michael. Source: The Sun  

They couple seemed to make a lovely family unit, however Gary was back to his old ways in no time as he wandered of to the hospital to meet himself for the first time…. Just after his mother had given birth. He then holds himself as a baby, and in some magical, somewhat Harry Potter meets Star Wars paradox he then shot forward to 2016.

The culture shock proved almost more drastic to him than when he went back to the 1940’s. Gary had no idea what a smartphone was and nearly collapsed when he saw two men holding hands and kissing in the street. Comedic elements  of a coffee machine in a phone box and a man shooting by on a Segway show how different things are from the nineties. Along with Gary suggesting that in 2016; “we’ll have cured cancer and have unity in Europe.” Giving audiences a laugh, albeit somewhat from the shock.Photo of Yvonne, Gary and Phoebe. Source:  Mail Online 

Amongst the laughter though Gary finds out some good but upsetting news, his nineties wife Yvonne (Emma Amos) gave birth to a baby girl soon after his departure. And his best mate Ron (Victor McGuire) is still hankering after his estranged wife who knows all about Phoebe. Photo of Ron, Yvonne, Gary and his daughter in 2016. Source:  The Express.

It’s clear there are plenty of angles to take on in a possible new series of the comedy. Who knows where it could go from here? 
9/10. A great start for a prospective new series.

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