Halloween Party Ideas

Spooktacular is upon us and it is time to get down with the fake blood, the slimy worms and the undead.

Here’s some party ideas to suit all ages.

  1. Pin the tail on the black cat. Just like pin-the-tail on the donkey but revamped to make it Halloween ready. How about making a sweet treat for the winners?halloween-pin_the_tail_600
  2. Halloween backyard hunt. A great idea for children. simply hide tricks and treats in your garden and send them all out hunting once it is dark, torches at the ready.halloween-themed-decor-in-the-home-garden
  3. Pin the hat on the witch. I am not entirely sure this would work but a friend suggested it would make for some funny hat placements.
  4. Scary apple bobbing. Add some red food colour to your water before putting your apples in. You could even put some scary surprises in there too, a spider, some eyeballs, you know- the usual stuff. Apple bobbing is hundreds of guests old and stories tell us it could have originated with the Greeks believing it would tell you your future husband, to the Irish and Scottish believing it brought good fortune.
  5. Halloween quiz. There’s nothing quite as spooky as sitting by candlelight imagining all the characters and acts of spooky Halloweenesque stories. From Frankenstien to witch hangings, and from Dracula to Arachnophobia, you are sure to be in for a scare.
  6. Draw the eyes on the ghost. Perhaps more suited to children, but adults too will have a hoot at some of the eyes.
  7. Pumpkin twister. Like ordinary Twister, just a lot more cool. Create your own mat and play along online with a twist-o-meter.halloween-pumpkin-twist
  8. How many seeds in the pumpkin jar. Every Halloween host will surely have a lot of pumpkin seeds lying around(unless you don’t like them of course). Pop them all in a jar and let the guessing begin.pumpk-seeds
  9. Draw the best Frankenstien. A great game for kids and adults. How do you interpret Frankenstien?
  10. Pumpkin Trick or Treat. Place orange bun cases upside down in the shape of a pumpkin. You can draw a stem like shape to put at the top if you want to be fancy. Put a strange or spectacular trick or treat under each bum case and let the hilarious antics begin.pumpkin-gffy

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