Autumn is just the best season ever

Autumn is,  by far, the best season ever. There is nothing to dislike. You don’t have the heatwaves of summer or the icy ground of winter (most of the time anyway). It just brilliant. And, here’s why.

  1. The season brings us some beautiful colours. There are colours everywhere. From the leaves falling off trees, the air becoming crisper, the sun rising and those gorgeous early sunsets- it is perfect. Plus we have time to enjoy these crisp leaves under our feet before the ice and snow sets in.joseph-sohm-sunrise-through-autumn-leaves How beautiful is this scene? Joeseph Sohm’s beautiful sunrise through the leaves.
  2. It means digging out your thick woolly jumpers. Wrapping up in a thick jumper feels brilliant, nothing on show, nothing to worry about. Just you. You and your array of jumpers. img_9375My personal selection.
  3. And wearing all your warm boots. No one can deny their love of toasty toes and killer boots. A staple of every winter wardrobe.I am slightly obsessed with boots.
  4. Under those boots, you can have hairy legs without the pressure to shave them. Summer brings the need for waxing, shaving, tanning and toning. Autumn brings the need for nothing. Besides, a layer of hair is great for insulating yourself throughout the cooler months ahead. hairy-gifHairy legged giffy. Source:
  5.  It brings cosy relaxed nights in, not rushing around and shaving your legs. Wrapped up under an array of blankets and hot water bottles. Who needs a night out when you can have a night of your favourite soap, drama or movies?                      blanketsTake your pick. Photo from Tumblr.
  6. To accompany that cosy night, you can enjoy some hearty Autumn food.  From stews to casseroles, from toffee apples to parkin, dig in and enjoy while tucked away under your blanket. How about trying the BBC’s Beef and Vegetable casserole? I’m getting hungry just looking at it.                                                       .beefandvegcaseroleYummy tea-time treat. Find it here:
  7. Warm alcohol will be a great accompaniment for all that comfort food. It’s the season for hot toddy, practising your mulled wine recipe and trying mulled cider for the first time. Plus hot alcohol is just better. Who needs to pay a tenner for a dash of vodka in their cocktail when you can have a bottle of mulled wine for half the price?inviting warm spicy drink with ingredientsHow about trying the Ryder family’s favourite, a hot toddy? Find it here:
  8. In fact, warm drinks in general are just better at this time of the year. Whether you are a fruit tea fan, a caffeine freak or a chocoholic, the season boasts an assortment of hot beverages to suit all tastes. It is the season of pumpkin spiced lattes and cinnamon hot chocolates.Source: Google images.
  9. Speaking of pumpkins, it’s also Halloween in October! Who doesn’t want to dress up as a sexy black cat or spooky zombie? If you are not a fan of face paint and fake blood- then how about having loads of cute kids in fancy capes coming round asking for sweet treats. family-halloweenThis family are a real treat. Source;
  10. Bonfire night is just a week later! Bonfire night is a huge celebration in the UK, arguably bigger than Halloween. A very famous Guy Fawkes tried to blow up what he saw as a corrupt parliament, and the British decided to make it a national celebration (we are pretty wacky like that). Either way its the time of year that everyone goes out in woolly hats, old cosy knitwear and comfy boots to stand around a huge communal fire and watch some fireworks to celebrate their infamous Guy.sparkleGif from                                                                                                                           You cannot argue with how brilliant Autumn is, there is so much going on to enjoy…

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