The Scarborough Hotel Best Breakfast in Leeds?

The Scarborough Taps Hotel has a rich history from being rebuilt on the site of a mediaeval Manor House in the 18th century. You will find it on Bishopgate Street just behind Leeds Train Station.

My partner and I first tried the place for breakfast after seeing a promotion on 2 full breakfasts for £10. This includes a tea or coffee and is available on vegetarian or meat breakfasts.

Here we have the meat breakfast on the left and the veggie on the right.

The meat breakfast comes with butcher pork sausage, thick-cut bacon, black pudding(my partner asked for it without!), two free-range eggs cooked to your liking, flat mushroom, baked beans, grilled and roasted tomato and an English muffin.

The Veggie comes with two vegan sausages made with soya and a hint of chilli(really good), two free-range eggs, flat mushroom, baked beans, grilled and roasted tomato and an English muffin.

When a non-vegetarian enjoys a veggie meal it is always a good sign. The meal was cooked to our liking, served on hot plates and came in around twenty minutes, which is pretty good when you consider the food is cooked to order by one chef.

The meat was lean and well seasoned sausages are a big thing for me so it was good to see a nice amount of sage and pepper in them. Also none likes an undercooked sausage and these were perfectly browned. Photo from website. Here is a full menu of breakfast choices. I can also recommend the Eggs Royale from a recent visit.

The pub opens for breakfast at 10am so it is great for a pre-shift meal or a weekend brunch. With freshly ground coffee and Yorkshire tea you cannot go wrong.

We recommend this place greatly and would rate it 8/10. Photo from Google.

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