Scream Netflix Review

So many people have told me to watch Netflix original series of Scream. The first episode did not disappoint. If you haven’t watched it already… Watch it now.

From the opening scene across a dim-lit lake comes the great twisted, sinister remake of Scream. Netflix has made some brilliant series and films of their own back and this is another.

The crafted horror scenes have deep and dim lighting you would expect from a billion dollar horror movie. The modern day twist of social media makes it far more relevant to today’s society than the 90’s slasher classic. Even the killers mask looks cooler.

Also, totally cool first scene in the high school. Loved the duality of Noah saying you can’t make a slasher movie into a television series. Can not wait to see how this escalates. Could this be a difficult one to craft?

Red herrings and sneaky hints throughout the first episode had me almost on the edge of my seat. Some of it was a little cliche, but hey, we are watching a slasher series. Also Brooke is totally one to keep an eye on, does she even have a brain? I would say thank God for Will (is that his name). But we are definitely not meant to side with him. The guy is not a good one.

Emma is also one to watch. Acting all pally with a girl who your mate bullied is hardly a kind plan. Right? But hey, I could be proved wrong.

So, great first episode, I’m super bad at reading any kind of thriller/murder/slasher drama. So we will see if any of my thoughts are right.

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