Bancroft 2017 Review

Bancroft was a powerful mini-crime series which I really hope will return to our screens at (the very latest) of the end of 2018. Gripping from the first scene and an irritating cliff-hanger of an ending means viewers were left with more questions than answers.

DS Bancroft, a rare female police-officer protagonist, has one of her old cases reopened… but it is not as simple as that.

DS Bancroft; source from Google.

The cold-case drags viewers in with its deeply disturbing nature. One great thing about the series was we knew whodunnit from the first few episode. Following the tale almost backwards meant that viewers knew what might happen but with two cases running alongside it was never going to be that simple.

With a great cast of Sarah Parish (Bancroft), Faye Marsay, Ryan McKen, Amara Karan, Art Malik, Adrian Edmondson and Linus Roache, the show was not going to disappoint.

But it kind of did. The end left viewers slightly annoyed. The Radio Times reported that viewers were left “fuming” at the lack of a resolution. The Express said “viewers FUME at ‘totally rubbish ending'”. And The Telegraph said “a deliriously over the top finale”. Source: google images.

I actually almost enjoyed the finale as it means their is potential for a second series and a cliff-hanger is always a good ending. And, we knew from the off who had murdered Laura Fraser, so while the resolution was lacking, it was also made more intense.

All in all, a well written plot, great scenes and shooting, viewers loved the twists and turns, but please give us a resolution in a *fingers crossed* second series/one- off finale?

Hey- we can dream.

Legit my Mum’s and my reaction to the ending of Bancroft…

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