Loose Women raise issue of Men in 2018

Loose Women (aired 10th January 2018) raises the issue of wether being a modern man in 2018 is hard work?

With recent news of men abusing their power in the work place, both in Hollywood and with other recent high profile cases here in the U.K, the question seems a reasonable one.

Is it hard to be a man in 2018?

Can men act in what are characterised as “boyish traits”, have a bit of “banter”, even flirt, without fear that they are acting in a way which could offend another man or woman.

What is too much?

Ruth Langford, Linda Robson and Stacey Solomon were joined by Shirley Ballas and asked the question- is it hard for a man to know what is respectable and acceptable? Ruth Langsford, Linda Robson, Shirley Ballas and Stacey Solomon on the show today.

Some women enjoy banter in the workplace or even flirting, but how do we know when it is right or not?

Does it depend on the situation?

Personally I have worked in the cleaning industry, pubs and restaurants. I don’t mind a bit of banter at work. If a man I worked with touched my arm in a comforting or jokey bantering way it would not upset or discomfort me. If he made what he saw as “bantering comments” it depends. BUT it would mostly also depend how I knew him, how he touched me, how we related as individuals.

Also, my situation is different to many other men or women, it depends what has happened in a man or woman’s past, which man (OR woman) touches their arm or uses ‘banter’, and how they feel.

Perhaps the show left more questions than answers?

Did you watch the show today?

What do you think?

Do men have a hard time knowing how to act at work?

Have times changed?

What is reasonable and what isn’t in the workplace or socially?

Have Loose Women raises any issues here?

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