President Trump visits the U.K.

President Trump visited the U.K. yesterday, as part of ongoing meetings for trade with us following Brexit.

Trump said he got on very well with Prime Minister, Theresa May, saying that they had a “very, very strong” and good working relationship.

But, what did the people of Leeds, Yorkshire, think about his visit?

Some people sat on the proverbial ‘wall’ on the matter: Local business owner, John McCabe, 26, said: “I feel as he is the elected leader of the free world then there is absolutely no question that he should visit as has been due process for many Presidents prior to him have.”

Phil Jeffries, 25, agreed: “He’s the President of an Allied nation…so its likely Trump has visited the U.K. on many occasion, maybe just not as President.”

Check out this funny poster.

Others were pleased to see him on British soil:

James Pilling, 49, from Chapel Allerton, said: “I like him. He stands up for his people and has already created many jobs over in Scotland.”

Stephen Devine, 34, had another reason to be pleased to see him: “I’d like to shake his hand for starring in Home Alone 2!”

Some were not happy with his visit: Chris Noble, a Leeds man now living in America said: “He was not voted for by the majority of Americans. He has lied, and doubled down on lies more than any other president ever.”

Charlotte Ellen, 24, added: “I think it’s an embarassment that our government is even entertaining the thought of having him here.”

How did you feel about Trumps time in London? Are you happy about Brexit? Let me know in the comments below.

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