Talk it out: being twenty-something sucks sometimes

People often say that being in your twenties is the most confusing time of your life. Half your friends are flying around the world “finding themselves” and the other half are career focused, or getting married and having babies.

But what do you want? Are you feeling stuck in a zero-hour contract job? Or like you’ll never get your big break?

I feel you guys. I know what it’s like to feel like the more you try, the more you fail. But like a wise person once said to me: “You have only failed when you have given up.”

So here’s some inspiration to keep you remembering that you are so much more than enough. And you might just look back in ten years and realise that this was when you truly “grew-up”, flourished, realised your potential, and everything finally made sense.

So when you’re feeling down, read this funky list and make yourself feel great again.

1. Think of all the things you’re good at. Do people admire your cooking skills, how you get down on the dance floor, how you’re always there for everyone else? These might not seem like the big things, but they’re actually a good measure of success.

FYI: I make awesome brownies:

2. Remember people love you. Your friends, family, even acquaintances. They all surround you with love and good thoughts. Even when you think you’re failing you’re still amazing to them.

3. Think about all the things you have got. Even though you might only be able to think about what you haven’t got. The things you have got are actually really good. If you have any of these things, then you’re really pretty rich. Good friends. Supportive family. A roof over your head. A partner. A pet. Clothes on your back. Food in your stomach. A job. Your health. These things all add up to “perfect” but you don’t have to always have them all to be doing mighty fine. It’s okay to have things you need to improve.

4. Stay positive. Most likely, you’ve had bad times before. And here you are. You can get through it.

5. Take your time. Life is not a race. You don’t have to achieve everything by the time you’re 30. Oprah Winfrey was 32 when her first show aired. Alan Rickman was also 32 when his acting career first hit off. Ricky Gervais became a household name at 39 when he created The Office. Julia Child’s first cookbook was published when she was 49. Morgan Freeman was 52 when he got his first big roles in Glory, Driving Miss Daisy and Lean on Me. Everyone’s favourite fried chicken guy, Colonel Sanders was 62 when he franchised the first KFC. Gladys Burrill, a Hawaiian lady, was 86 when she completed her first marathon. Retiree Lieutenant Colonel James C Warren was 87 years young when he became a pilot.

6. Become part of your community. Volunteer at local events or festivals, visit charity shops. Petition for the things hat matter. Being the difference is so exciting. And it makes you feel good when things come together.

7. Be social. Don’t sit away and hide. Spend time with the people you love and see your own worth. Have a pint. Or a catch-up over a cuppa.

8. Be more active. Exercise releases those all important endorphins to make you feel great, even when you feel like nothing. A walk around your local park, dancing to your favourite song, or a power filled session at the gym. All will make you feel better.

9. Talk it out. Talking is so important. Your mental health is as important as your physical health. Chat about your problems and don’t let anyone tell you to hold it in.

10. BE TRUE TO YOURSELF. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do. Chase your own dreams. Be with the person you want. Support your friends. Live your life. Stay positive.

I hope this post helps you in some aspect of your daily life. When you’re feeling down. Have a read and stay calm. You can do it ❤️

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