Dumbo 2019 Review

There wasn’t a dry eye in the cinema when we went to watch this classic revival. I am sure Walt Disney himself would be proud of this remake.

Who knew the love between two children and an elephant could be so strong? The story tells of the tale of a baby elephant with huge ears and his struggle to fit in with circus life. Dumbo is blessed with a love of feathers and good company. Tears and laughter soon follow.

Tim Burton (Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands) shows another edge to his personality by redirecting this 1941 release. He delivers a much more believable and relatable edge to this story by directing characters we can empathise and respect.

Colin Farrell (Holt, father) depicts a broken man back from the war breeding sympathy and hope. He amicably forces us relate to the children and him in a way that allows us to follow the story more closely. Watching this as an adult makes you realise so much more about the emotion actors have to create in a role as deep as his.

Nico Parker and Finley Hobbins, (Molly and Joe, the children) show us more about animal cruelty than any of the adults which makes us question our own morals within society both then and now. This iconic film allows us to question how we ever portrayed animals for our amusement and how we treat them now. After this film everyone will feel a pull against Animal Rights and a push towards veganism. That’s the moral of this tale.

This 78-year-old old story is revived with amazing graphics, consistency and emotion.

We will never forget this beauty though…

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