It: Chapter 2 2019 Review

Bill Skarsgard did not disappoint in this finale of the 2017 remake. Aside from the amazing graphics he really knows how to work that damn body and that scarily sexy, but also terrifyingly taunting voice… how does he do it?Skarsgård as Pennywise

It: Chapter 2 brings back the members of the Loser’s club to their hometown of Derry, Maine. The friends haven’t seen each other for a long time and their memories are all misplaced and confused. Mike is the only one who’s stayed there his whole life, trapped in the town, but why? He brings the group back together to uncover their darkest secrets and resolve the mystery and terror of Pennywise for once and for all.

For a horror freak and easily scared gal like me, It was up there with some of the best filmography and terror. Writer, Gary Dauberman, and Producer, Andy Muschietti, provide you with comedy and jump scares whilst remaining true to the majority of the original book and the storyline of Chapter 1.

This chapter answers many of the questions viewers will have experienced from the first movie, and gives a good well-rounded ending to the film. But be warned… you will get chills down your spine with some of the incredible graphics and some seriously dark scenes.Pennywise, It Chapter 2, It Movie, It 2019, horror, clown

Some viewers will also respect the decision to use the upsetting opening scene where two gay men are badly beaten, a sign of the times when King first wrote the book, and the dark world which many members of the LGBTQ+ community still face. King was also commended for using a strong black male lead in the book, and for using many dark and twisted themes about our inner psyche and displaying fear of fear itself.

Horror fans and their scaredy-cat friends will enjoy this film (even if you do spend half of it hiding behind your own jacket), with a mixture of comedy, horror, amazing makeup, great graphics and a mixture of amazingly talented actors.


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