UK Lockdown: Day 68

A weekend of calmness and reflection started today. It was a Saturday to remember (were usually both busy working or meeting up with fiends we haven’t seen in ages).

I’m feeling pretty chilled after today, relaxing and not doing too much at all. We both needed a less busy day to collect ourselves and appreciate the good and bad from the last few days.

We spent most of the day on the sofa watching Netflix, playing my on our phones, talking to friends and family and not rushing or walking around at 20 miles an hour. It was needed after the long walks we’ve had in the heat this week.

That said, we did of course still do some house work and had a walk up the canal towards Thwaite’s Mill. Leodis pagan site The photo above is of a meeting point for the Leodis Pagans. It’s really peaceful and well kept. We had a little sit here for a while and appreciated the moment. Luke also took a beautiful photo of the skyline in the early evening.

Now we’re ending our day with a bento box from Little Tokyo in Leeds city centre, television and I’m going to learn poker! Check out this lush bento! Little Tokyo Leeds bento

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