UK Lockdown: Day 116

This Friday brought me some unexpected ‘me time’, so I planned a morning til early afternoon of relaxation… util Mylo slipped down into the cellar and I had to call Sarah to come and clean him up (I’m scared of spiders).

After that debacle I did some yoga (I’d forgotten how much energy it took), and then settled down to watch Once Upon a Time.

I also made this delicious smoked salmon, broccoli and pea pasta in a creamy sauce. It was lovely.

After this beautiful bowl of tasteful comfort I headed to work for the night. It’s been really quiet but tonight we started pretty well and had a fair few people in. Lockdown seems to be easing well in Leeds, and although town wasn’t busy, we weren’t as quiet as we have been.

When I returned home from work Luke was gaming with his old friend, SG. I’m currently watching them play some sort of car football… it’s above me I’m afraid.

Also, before I forget- this is how I woke up this morning, Mylo was at the end o the bed all curled up, then he suddenly sat bolt upright like this. How funny!

Happy Friday!

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