UK Lockdown: Day 155

Day 155 was the last day for me to enjoy the Eat Out to Help Out offer, so I made the most of it by having lunch and dinner out! A girls got to do what a girls got to do…

The last few days have been a blur. Saturday was pretty busy at work, then Sunday I spent the day with my Mum, Sarah and her new girlfriend, Amelia. I would have spent it with Luke but he decided to accidentally slice into his fingers, while chopping a cabbage, and spent half the day at A & E… thankfully, he is okay. Yesterday was just crazily busy at work and today was pleasant and chilled!

Luke and I spent the morning with Sarah and Amelia playing card games and enjoying each other’s company. Later on we decided to head to Otley, sadly it was a very rainy day, but it was also very enjoyable in my lovely Luke’s presence.

Our first meal of the day was eaten in the Black Horse in Otley, the pub is now owned by the Kirkstall Brewery and is very well kept and well socially distanced. I had a falafel flat bread and Luke had fish and chips.

We enjoyed a wander around the town centre, popped in a few charity shops and visited a couple of pubs.

After this we headed back to Leeds where, of course, it was not raining *facepalm*. We had a wander around the centre, visited some more shops and headed for our second meal of the day. This time we opted for Indian food and dined at Shabab, which is just below the city’s train station. Check out these tasty dishes; a spicy cod platter and a sizzling paneer and vegetable plate.

Our night is now being spent pampering ourselves and watching films. We’ve got the full works; face masks, foot spas, moisturising booties and face creams, served with cups of relaxing tea. Perfection.

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