UK Lockdown: Day 157

So far, this week has been a weird one, with Luke off work and me still being out at work I’ve felt a little strange. It feels odd leaving the house and him being there, and then returning and he’s there again.

It’s been great having him cook for me though, and do the housework one-handed while his fingers healed (he cut them on Sunday whilst preparing a cabbage). He also took this beautiful photo of our gorgeous cat, Angel.

Today, he headed out for a meeting regarding his work, and I headed out to work as well. Thursday’s at work in a restaurant are very quiet at the moment due to the Eat Out to Help Out scheme attracting people out on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. It was much the same today, but we did have a few tables in enjoying cocktails and multiple courses so that was good.

This evening, when I returned home from work, Luke was putting up some new bedside drawers for us. He’d also prepared dinner, vacuumed the house, cleaned the cats litter trays, and done some work in the yard. I was very impressed (if a little shocked because if I’d been at home all afternoon, I’d have watched Netflix and eaten my body weight in crisps and chocolate…)

Doesn’t this Cajun chicken rice look delicious? I think so. We also had a glass of red wine and relaxed together.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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