UK Lockdown: Day 161 & 162

It turns out Bank holidays in this half lockdown are actually pretty similar to regular Bank holidays…. restaurants and bars are busy and buses are as irregular as always.

This bank holiday was a rare treat for me as I wasn’t working. Myself and some girl friends met up for a lovely afternoon tea and lots of fun. We went to The Soap Factory near Leeds train station.

How excited does my friend Ceri look?

After this we headed for some cocktails and fun at George’s Leeds on the Headrow. They do such a fantastic range of cocktails from familiar favourites to quirky inventions. And there’s enough candy floss to go round!

Here I am with my lovely friends celebrating a well-earner catch-up. It’s the first time we’ve been out since February and I’ve not sat this close to them since then. It’s such a strange world right now, and I can’t wait to hug them all!

After these fabulous drinks I headed home to spend some time with my wonderful sister and her girlfriend.

Tuesday was also a great day for me this week as I spent it with my amazing partner, Luke.

This Tuesday we headed to Knaresborough, or Nase-boro as my Dad used to call it. We love finding hidden snickets and exploring different areas we haven’t seen before.

We had a lovely lunch in our regular pub, the World’s End, and then a wander round the centre.

This trip also had us finding St. Robert’s Cave. A really strangely spiritual place where a local man became a hermit and lived for much of his life. If you’re ever in Knaresborough I highly recommend you visit this unique and interesting place.

In the meantime, enjoy this magnificent view.

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