UK Lockdown: Day 178, Whitby Day 2

Warning: even more tasty food lies ahead.

Life in Whitby has been pretty wonderful so far. We started the day with a beautiful breakfast (so beautiful that I didn’t take a photo I just wanted to eat it immediately), and a stroll along the North front.

Here I am very much envisioning the beach huts.

Beach huts, Whitby

Then we visited a few local proprietors and charity shops in search of a bargain. I even managed to get my brother a present for when I see him on Sunday.

We had a wander down to the town centre and then up the hill to Whitby Abbey. The abbey itself dates back to 676 and since then it’s history has grown from rich owners to literary inspiration. Its grandeur is at times overpowering and overwhelmingly beautiful.

Whitby abbey, Whitby

On the walk down the infamous 199 steps I started to feel light-headed and had to rest a while before we popped in the original Whitby jet shop and had a spot of lunch.

After this breathtaking walk with mesmerising views and a light lunch we decided to keep our feet firmly on lower grand and sat by the sea in the autumnal sun. I say autumnal, but somehow I have managed to slightly burn my nose and chest and Luke’s neck has gone a lovely shade of pink.

After a paddle and some stone skimming, we got changed at our hotel and headed out for dinner. The Four Seasons Restaurant has been recommended by some passers by last night so we decided to dine there.

The restaurant was Mediterranean inspired but also had classic British and Italian dishes on the menu. As much as I love Mediterranean foods I had been craving salmon for days so I opted for the simple but delicious grilled salmon, and Luke had the fillet steak. Both were served with a fresh salad and lots of flavour.

These photo’s do not do these dishes justice; beautiful crispy salmon skin, wonderful garlic potatoes and crunchy fresh salad. So simple and yet so delicious.

The rest of our night was spent sipping real ale and gin cocktails. Perfect.

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