UK Lockdown: Day 179, Whitby Day 3

Our stay in Whitby has been delightful and we do not want to go home, but, alas, we must get back to ‘normal’.

The last day of our mini trip started with another delightful breakfast. Both days we’ve had a beautiful fruit salad, an array of cereals, fresh fruit juice, coffee or tea, and a full English breakfast, cooked to perfection.

The Pinewood Hotel in Whitby was a great place to stay, the owners were very attentive, the bed was very comfortable and the food was fantastic. Highly recommended. Once we’d left our bags with the lovely managers we headed down the north pier and watched the waves flowing peacefully, our last moments of peace and relaxation. Later on in the morning we went around the shops and found some treats for ourselves and our family members. Whitby has a range of independent, charity and gift shops, so there something for everyone and we had a good time even with having to wear a face mask the whole time. After a few hours pottering about we were in need of a cuppa so we headed to the beautiful cafe, Sherlocks. We’ve been here previously and enjoyed their large range of tea and coffee so needed, and it was a need, to go again. Here we are taking a selfie in the quaint cafe. After a rest we decided to enjoy some traditional British seaside activities; fun in the arcades, crazy golf and a paddle in the sea and acted like big kids for about an hour! If you do ever go to a British seaside I suggest you do enjoy these pastimes because you’re sure to have a good time and a real laugh. And, of course, you must enjoy some fish and chips. We wanted to try Trenchers as they won the award last year for the best fish, but the queue for them was over an hour, so we headed to their competitors, Quayside, who won the award a few years before. After a lovely lunch we headed up the hill to the Whitby brewery in search of a pint of Jet Black. Sadly there was none available so we settled for Saltwick Nab, which was beautiful but not the porter we were fancying. The brewery is at the top of the 199 steps, so you have to be very careful on your walk back down to the town centre. But this view makes it worth it! If you do visit Whitby I really hope you enjoy your stay as much as we did.

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