UK Lockdown: Day 206

How have we done 200+ days of this crazy new life? I can’t believe I missed the 200 day mark… life has been pretty chaotic recently with all the new changes both work wise and in my personal life.

Over the last ten days I’ve got used to wearing a mask in every indoor space, and getting on a bus with one now just seems ‘normal’, but I can’t understand that we can play contact sports with a groups of six plus…. but we can’t visit our relatives… The audacity of the government to put sporting events and the economy ahead of basic rights like seeing family and socialising, to me this seems bizarre. There’s nothing ‘normal’ about this ‘new normal’ at all.

Meanwhile, at work I feel pretty safe until I start questioning wether every person in there has been socially distancing, has been extra clean, has been wearing a face covering. What is this? I’ve gone from serving 200+ people during Eat Out To Help Out, to serving such low numbers of people that I’m concerned not just about my own job but the future of hospitality.

With all the added stress of life right now today I took a day for myself. Luke is working until 6pm, so I decided to buy some pumpkins and candles, and just chill.

I’ve also done some yoga, and now I’m eating some cheesecake. Mum got us a fabulous cake box from Patisserie Valerie for our part in helping out with the house move. There’s not been one cake in it that I’ve not liked… but my favourite has been this praline gateaux.

This afternoon I’m planning on watching lots of television with a face mask on (*the good kind) and relaxing until Luke comes home from work. Then we’re having a Chinese takeaway and watching Halloween movies and rom coms until we fall asleep. Bliss. Remember to take time for yourself in this strange world we find ourselves in. Look after yourself.

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