UK Lockdown: Day 210

Tuesdays mean two important things in this house; a day off and Bake Off!

Autumn was my favourite season before this hit-show started, and it’s only made it better since they made it every Tuesday…

Despite the stresses of every day life at the moment, throughout the hell that is lockdown, today was a wonderful step away from the dark abyss of this new ‘normal’.

I wrote an article for a company I hope to start writing for, and we had a lazy morning, before heading out to see Luke’s parents cat, Sammy, as they are both working long shifts today.

After getting the ‘work’ our of the way we headed into town to our favourite Thai place. Here I am looking very happy to eat my Gaang Masaman with jasmine rice and Mushroom Satay. Luke had Pad Ped Nor Mai with chips and Chicken Satay on their fabulous set menu.

Tonight, we are veg-ing out on the sofa watching films like the Corpse Bride, wrapped-up in our pyjamas with the fire roaring and candles flickering, we are the epitome of Autumn.

And of course, watching Bake Off and wishing we could be such pros!

All three cats are curled up like Coco is here. Oh to be a cat…

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