UK Lockdown: Day 213

I worry about a lot of things. Many of them are out of my control. Some of them might seem bizarre to other people. Most of them probably are. In fact, they definitely are. I am ‘silly’ to worry about them. I can say with some certainty that I will still continue to overthink and tell myself not to do so, but ultimately I think this lockdown has only shown that there’s a lot of concerning things in this world.

My lost of overthinking/worrying this week has been; the MPs who voted against free meals for children this winter, homelessness in the UK, the idea of Leeds going into Tier Three on the Covid scale, Coronavirus in general, whether I should say one thing and another…. and if I can change any of these things.

Luckily, I came to the conclusion that I can only do ‘my bit’ in the grand scheme of things, and even if that is a minute percentage of change then at least I am doing ‘my bit’. And many people will say I haven’t, I really have started to worry less, or at least not go into overdrive…

After a few days feeling melancholy and missing my brother stupid amounts (mainly due to a wonderful young, Autistic man who came into the restaurant and reminded me of him even more), today I woke up feeling so positive and my day has been really pleasant (as a result of my positive vibes I’d say)!

Thanks Michelle, you babe.

My day at work was busy but relaxed with lots of happy customers, and my evening is set to be much the same, except Luke and I are the ‘happy customers’.

Tonight we’re eating this delicious garlic chilli chicken and spinach curry with rice and naan, accompanied by Cobra beer and movies.

The movies will be on Netflix and I’m going to write an article about my top ten Halloween themed shows/movies this year.

Chilled nights are the best in my mind. Great food, a roaring fire, fantastic company and a good film. Sorted.

With thanks to

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