UK Lockdown: Day 220

All Hallows’ Eve Eve is brought to you by an emotional and spooky Becky.

Today has been a mish mash of ups and downs. From a good day at work, to the looming Tier 3, from the departure of Mylo, to carving pumpkins and feeling festive… when can I get off the rollercoaster for a breather Boris?

Leeds goes into Tier 3 lockdown on Monday, which means a few rather strange things; no household mixing (apart from support bubbles), no hospitality venues can sell alcohol without a substantial meal, and tonight was the night the whole city decided this Friday night was the night to flock into the centre and not socially distance… *insert facepalm here*.

My sister got the news this morning that she could move her kitten, Mylo, in with her and her partner (he’s been living with us since June), and I was so unbelievably upset to see him go. I definitely haven’t cried for a solid hour about the fact his cat tree has left the house. I already miss his meowing and his playful nature with our senior lady cats.

An accurate imitation gif of me as a crying cat…

The main reason I am so upset is because I will miss him very much. I’ll mostly miss his cuddles first thing on a morning and his deep, hearty purr from the lightest of stroking. He was the least needy and most giving cat I’ve ever met. Mr Affectionate if you will.

Look at his cute face (left of the photo). The fact I won’t come home to three of them sat like this is sad… but at least I still have our two grumpy sisters…

After a session of weeping into my jumper and consolidating myself with chocolates, Luke and I carved our pumpkins, it is the eve of Halloween after all. Which do you think looks the best?

I’m not saying who did which…. you decide. Enjoy your spooky weekend safely guys!

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