UK Lockdown: Day 226 & 227

Yesterday the UK went back on another ‘lockdown’. I use that term very loosely… you know, because this lockdown is anything but locked down, up or otherwise. Basically, everything is the same, except you can’t eat your chips in a restaurant, and you can’t buy some new pants from a shop. Yes. That’s right, it’s only hospitality and non-essential shops that have closed which has baffled most citizens.

Naturally, I am biased when I say that I‘m annoyed that restaurants and pubs have shut their doors, but I’m also perplexed as to why because the figures don’t add up. According to the Daily Mail, only 5% of Covid cases came from the hospitality sector. And another article produced the same information, stating that the highest infection areas were schools/education settings and care homes. Most recently, the infection in hospitality venues was shown to be closer to 3% in an article from the Morning Advertiser.

Now then, deep breath in… I’m not saying that all schools, colleges and universities should close, and I’m not saying that hospitality venues should have remained open. But I will say that I find it rather disconcerting that the furlough scheme has been extended until March 2021, and I will argue that it’s doubtable that cases will drop by the amount the government probably wants them to drop by in 28 days. Aaaaaand, breathe.

Rant over.

On a happier note, yesterday was ten years since Luke and I started out in our relationship- honestly, I don’t know where the last decade went, it’s honestly gone faster than the year of 2020, but there you go. Usually we would have spent Bonfire night away at a cosy hotel, or surrounded by friends and a fire, but this year we spent most of it on the sofa in our pyjamas and then later we helped clean the pub Luke works in. Bit of a weird one, but that’s Covid vibes for you.

We ended our day with a bottle of Prosecco and watching some fireworks in the neighbourhood.

Today has been another slightly strange day. I slept in (*which felt amazing, I don’t feel even remotely guilty), and I scrolled through memes and Instagram until about noon (*I don’t feel guilty for that either). Then I did a spot of cleaning (*okay, maybe I did feel a little guilty for having a lazy morning), and got ready to do some washing… that failed, because our washing machine is a big mess and decided it doesn’t want to work again. Again. AGAIN. After the nightmare of not having a washer for a month, and waiting for a maintenance check, it has worked for approximately a fortnight. *Facepalm*

Despite the washing machine disaster and the flooded kitchen that followed, we managed to take the washing to Luke’s Dad’s. Our afternoon featured a far more pleasant Autumnal walk with the beautiful, eerie, smoggy fog that follows Guy Fawkes night here in the UK. I just love the smell the day after all the bonfires have been lit. It’s such a good smell. Is that weird? I guess it’s a bit like a love of petrol, or the smell of manure on a hike in the country. I love it. It’s weird, but soothing.

This evening we’ve relaxed in front of the fire with our two girls (cats) snuggled up in blankets. Autumn, you rock.

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