UK Lockdown: Day 228

Today was Saturday and I only realised that after I’d got confused as to why there was no rush-hour traffic. Becky’s lockdown brain is officially back in play.

Sister sister. The best thing about lockdown is seeing these two for longer than usual.

Saturday’s in lockdown are very strange to me, it’s usually a day where I spend 90% of my time out of the house, on my feet all day, and generally at work or socialising. But this Saturday was spent tidying up a lot of mess…

The first thing to tidy was the mess caused by another leaky washing machine session *insert facepalm here*. Followed by a deep clean of the bathroom (it’s been a while) and a general tidy up.

About five minutes after cleaning the bathroom it emerged that the toilet was blocked, so after a great time plunging it (Luke not me thankfully), I re-cleaned the toilet area.

On a happier and less scrubber-scrubber note, this afternoon we strolled through the Autumn leaves to see Luke’s friend, SG. After a few socially distanced cuppas we went food shopping and saw how abandoned the city centre was- Leeds is always thriving on a weekend but at the moment it is so quiet, it’s almost eerie.

This evening we’ve eaten homemade fish, chips and mushy peas, snuggled under blankets and watched Lie to Me and Coronation Street in front of the fire. Autumn nights are my favourite.

My sister, Sarah, sent me this photo of her cats Felix, and the wonderful Mylo who lived with us for a while. Two brothers living together peacefully, watching the world go by, so cute.

The love from a cat is the best love.

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