UK Lockdown: Day 232

Pie and mash, roaring fires, blankets, jumpers, kicking leaves, long walks in woolly coats, colourful trees, that’s what Autumn is for me.

Today has been a delightful mix of all the aforementioned, and day 232 is a wonderfully symmetrical number. I’ve had a really pleasant and busy day, after a few days of doing virtually nothing and feeling worse for it.

Almost two thirds of our year has been in lockdown, and many people are saying it will continue for much longer. I’m trying to stay positive, and I am constantly being reminded that there is little point stressing and worrying over the things we can’t control. And we certainly can’t control the unknown, so we should all just try our best to get through this incredibly strange time. Easier said than done, right?

Enough doom and gloom in this blog post…. today we had a great walk around Roundhay Park and even bumped into a friend and enjoyed a socially distanced walk. Isn’t this photo through the bandstand stunning?

After our walk, and a tasty sausage roll, we attempted to get some Christmas decorations from a local store, although this was unsuccessful it felt like a good kind of weird to go into a shop for enjoyment, and a little bit naughty- what is Covid doing to us?! At least it’s allowing us some delightful walks, how brilliant is Luke’s photo of a waterfall in the heart of the park?

We headed back home and I enjoyed a spot of Christmas crafting and a much-needed catch-up with my Grandad over the phone. I miss him so much, it’s so difficult being apart from family for so long and losing that regular connection and conversation. Family is the most important thing in my life.

It’s been such a busy day (for a furloughed day…) and I still managed to tidy up my bedroom and get creative.

How is lockdown life treating you? What do you do to curb your boredom? Are you okay?

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