UK Lockdown: Day 233 & 234

This year has been a year of “firsts”. In January Luke and I moved into our first home together with the cats. In March the whole world came to a halt when Covid started to terrify us all. And, Luke and I both had a lockdown birthday!

Mine was yesterday, and it was a surprisingly good day despite not being able to see the whole family, and not being able to dine out in a restaurant like I usually would. (I did have a delightful delivery from a local restaurant though!)

My day started with Luke making me my favourite breakfast; smoked salmon and poached eggs on toasted bread. Divine.

In the early afternoon we headed out for a lovely walk up to Temple Newsam. It was beautiful, the season has blessed the park with colourful trees and beautiful Autumnal sunshine.

We headed home in the late afternoon and my Mum joined us for dinner and movies. They both made the day such a delight. I was dreading the day not seeing my siblings, Grandad, in-laws and friends, but it was actually fantastic. Thank you to you both.

Plus, I got Luke to video me throwing leaves like the candid gal I am. Perfect.

Today has been much more ‘normal lockdown mode’. We woke up and Luke made breakfast again for me, we binge-watched some television and then got ready for our daily walk. Today took us over to see Luke’s mum. The sky was so blue today and the air was really crisp and refreshing.

Later on, we headed home and I made some more Christmas cards ahead of the festive period. I got some stamps from Amazon and they are super cute. If you don’t like penguins (at least the cartoon kind) I’m not sure we can be friends….

Now Luke and I are cuddled up on the sofa ready for another cosy night in. We’ve had a lovely couple of days, and I look forward to the rest of lockdown being as happy (fingers crossed).

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