UK Lockdown: Day 237

After a weekend of socially distanced meet-ups and video calls, our Monday .237 was a day of lockdown walking and exercise. (After a lazy morning, obviously).

Over the weekend I met up with a work colleague in town, and video called my best school friends who are now my forever friends. We also enjoyed an afternoon with my Mum and Luke’s dad yesterday. It feels so strange that we can’t see our siblings and immediate family any more. I wonder how long this lockdown will last?

So, this morning I had a healthy breakfast of porridge, banana and honey and contemplated doing some yoga (which I really should have done because my back is in bits…), but instead we binged Locke and Key on Netflix. Yes, I could have been more productive, but it’s not my fault it’s just too good and binge worthy.

The only spoiler I’m giving you is that this colourful light sabre was not harmed in the making of this series…

Our afternoon of exercise was a lovely long walk along the canal. It was a grey day so less people were out, and the leaves are all still beautiful colours so we really enjoyed ourselves. We walked about 7 miles and I’ve got really achey legs tonight, but that kind of ‘good’ ache you get after a long hike or an accomplished day at work.

I really like this photo taken on our walk. The leaves, the trees, the path, the water, the reflection, the bridge. I think it looks grand.

When we arrived home I made some more cards and had lots of cat cuddles while Luke made our dinner. And, inevitably, we watched a few more episodes of Locke and Key, and then I’m a Celeb because I’m a fan.

The best things about lockdown are long walks and cosy nights in. Fact. The worst things are missing people and having less cash. Also, facts.

How is lockdown treating you?

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