UK Lockdown: Day 238

I’ve been wearing the same jumper and leggings for the last four days like Bridget Jones after a break-up, or Macy Grey trying to say goodbye and choking… so basically Lockdown 2.0 got me like a woman having a bad time of it with an ex partner. Sorry, Luke. It’s alright though, I’m pretty sure he’s been in the same jeans for a week.

Jumpers and leggings aside, this morning I had a great time cleaning my bathroom- I think I might be addicted to the smell of Flash Bathroom spray. I could happily be a cleaner, just maybe not in really dirty houses, which I suppose probably defeats the object of being a cleaner…

This afternoon we had our daily walk and it was so warm- 15 degrees in November is virtually unheard of in Yorkshire- pretty much a heatwave in fact. I’m used to crisp air and blue skies around my birthday, not muggy air and grey clouds.

We didn’t take any photos on our walk but if we had they’d probably just feature fallen leaves, my feet and a grey sky, so you should be grateful really.

Another positive from today is that my sister is recovering well after a severe asthma attack and a few nights in hospital (thankfully Covid free). Her wonderful girlfriend bought her some beautiful gifts to return home to, and her baby Mylo was very affectionate too!

“Please don’t leave again Mummy.”

On a negative note, tonight we watched GBBO and I’m very disappointed to say the Hermine didn’t make the final. She was my favourite and I’m upset, so I had to console myself with chocolate and painting my nails.

What do you think? Autumnal colours for an Autumnal day.

Stay safe, love Autumn.

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