UK Lockdown: Day 240

Does anyone else find that this strange time we find ourselves in can make them go from zero to a hundred in seconds? I was just happily watching a film and then ended up crying and saying how little I’ve achieved since finishing university… like what?

I’ve actually achieved an awful lot, not necessarily career wise, but mentally and personally, I’ve grown a lot as a person. I shouldn’t measure my worth by my career anymore than I should measure it by my clothes size, my salary or the amount of things I own. Growth, achievements and personal experiences should really be measured by the person you are, the people you have around you, and the cats in your house (the last one is a half joke, half reality… maybe pets not cats, sorry for being speciesist, I just love my girls).

The trouble is, Covid times can get pretty intense and it’s all mounted up for me recently. I’m concerned about redundancy, job losses and the future, and I let it get to me. Luke is always telling me I shouldn’t worry about things I have no control over. And it’s true. I should only concern myself with my attitude to change, and what I can do to pave the future for myself. It sounds really easy when I type it like that, but in practice it takes me A LOT of work.

Aside from thinking big things that are (WAAAY) above my head, I did have a good walk out in the Autumn sunshine.

Crunchy leaves, brisk breeze. Blue skies, late sunrise. I love Autumn.

Also, we took a cute selfie earlier. But maybe my poem should read; “Squinty eyes, Blue skies.”

How is Lockdown 2.0 treating you?

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