UK Lockdown: Day 244

Being woken up to the sound of an electric drill in the house next door could have made me be a negative Nelly all day, but instead I carried on regardless and upped the ante with vigour and great intent.

Despite the bad start to the day, and the impending doom of the new tier system here in the UK, after having a slight cry and a lapse in positivity, Moana has once again lifted my mood.

Down sides aside, if you will, today has been a strangely productive, if strange kind of day.

I’ve continued my job hunt for a better future for me (after Covid most probably, but hopefully sooner!) and done a spot of shopping.

Job-hunting can be stressful but I’m trying to stay calm in the face of things that I cannot control (which is very difficult for me). This year has certainly been a test for been the strongest of minds, so keeping a positive and healthy mindset is the only way I can try to calm myself.

For most of the day I’ve felt strangely positive, it could be the yoga (I’ve done two sessions in the last 24 hours), or perhaps the great food I’ve been eating. Who knows? All I know is that now, more than ever, I have to stay as positive as possible, there’s no point in letting my healthy mind wander and making myself feel worse again. I know it’s not easy. Trust me.

My shopping spree (I use that term loosely) took me to B&M bargains (see, loosely) wheeee I managed to get my brothers Christmas present for half the RRP. After B&M I went to The Range and brought a few crafty bits- let’s hope my furlough actually gets paid to me this time around…

It looks a bit scary but he has a superheroes themed bedroom so it will look great.

This evening, after a slight meltdown, I’ve coloured a few bits in ready for crafting, and watched Moana to soothe the soul. Now it’s time for I’m A Celeb and plenty of chamomile tea.

As the famous British saying goes; Keep Calm And Carry on chaps.

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