UK Lockdown: Day 246

After a stressful and anxiety-filled day yesterday, today has been so uplifting, refreshing and fun.

Luke and I woke up early and headed out into the foggy world. We went to see one of his best friends and fellow animal-lover, SG.

Our walk took us out to Middleton Woods, a vast expanse of tall oak trees, hidden pathways and open fields. The views from up there are astounding, and the fog faded fairly quickly so we were able to see pretty well (typically the sky was blue as soon as our walk ended).

SG’s dogs are two beautiful German Shepherds, they are both such softies and love lolloping about and enjoying themselves. After a few miles of trekking through lots of Autumn leaves they were shattered and ready for lots of cuddles and rest.

This photo was taken last summer, aren’t they beautiful?

It’s amazing how much a good walk and time around good friends can lift your spirits. On the walk home I felt strangely calm and loved the sky as the sun was setting. Sunsets in autumn are the best, in my opinion, because you can really see the contrast from the pink tones to the grey and faded sky.

When we returned home we had a lovely delivery waiting for us. Our lovely friend Ceri had sent us some homemade marshmallow as a gift to lift our spirits even more and show us she was thinking of us, just as we are thinking of her.

Remember to support local businesses this season if you can- it’s going to be a struggle for many companies to get through Christmas.

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