UK Lockdown: Day 252

This Tuesday has absolutely flown, I’m feeling rather accomplished and positive about the festive season ahead. I’m probably feeling extra festive because I usually work a lot at this time of year, and only get the big day itself with family, so I have plenty of time to feel the Christmas spirit. This year will be very different however, with lockdown and all.

My day started with an exciting conversation about new opportunities in my career, a CV reboot, a couple of job line ups and a confidence boost that I am heading in the right direction. After that thrilling news I decided to dust my entire living space and set up a few decorations, because I needed to celebrate.

After lunch we headed for a long walk to Crossgates where there’s a lovely Shopping centre, and where we thought we’d find a nice base for our real for tree. We bought plenty of other Christmas items; matching jumpers, wrapping paper and a hook to hand our wreath on… but when we arrived home we realised we’d not bought a base for the tree!

The film of choice tonight is The Holiday- one of my personal favourites. Who doesn’t love a young Jude Law and a wonderful smile from Cameron Diaz. I think Luke likes it because of Kate Winslet and Jack Black if I’m honest. We’re all snuggled up ready for a chilled night under a blanket.

How cute are our Mr and Mrs Claus, handmade by Luke’s Auntie.

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