UK Lockdown: Day 253

Day 253 marks four weeks since we started Lockdown 2.0, or as I like to call it- Lockdown Mockdown because the rules make little to no sense. Today also marks the day that the new Tier system comes into effect, Leeds is on Tier 3 and so is The Peak District, but London gets Tier 2… make of that what you will.

Wednesday has been wonderful this week. I’ve done a lovely session of yoga that left my legs feeling wobbly… so maybe it should be Wobbly Wednesday. And I’ve continued some of my online course on Google Garage.

As well as being productive we also watched Film No 2 of our countdown, Nativity. Honestly, Martin Freeman is fantastic in it, I just want to squeeze his cheeks. You can’t have a Christmas Countdown without a Nativity can you? I wonder if any schools are doing plays this year?

We had our usual walk today, and let me tell you it was FREEZING. It’s definitely December now. Winter is here everyone! I wouldn’t be surprised if we have snow this year (for the first year in how long?) because it really is getting cold. The last time we had ‘proper snow’ in Leeds was 2010 and I had to hike down a steep hill to get home from college. Ah, happy memories.

I was just watching snow gifs and I found this… how funny!

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