UK Lockdown: Day 254

Christmas crafting, preparing sprouts with pancetta and a film called Klaus has made to day all kinds of festive.

I started the day by preparing one of my favourite dishes for Christmas- the sprouts! I made a recipe up a while ago for the mini cabbages with bacon and balsamic and you can see it here. They are delicious, and even those strange people who don’t like the green balls of the vegetable land will enjoy them.

Then I made a ‘Merry Christmas’ bunting which will go around the fireplace. It’s not quite finished yet but I’m sure it will look great when it is complete.

We also had a FREEZING cold walk in the blizzardous rain. I have never before wanted to be home and dry in my life before (apart from ten years ago when the snow was half way up my calf and the school bus couldn’t bring me home).

And, of course, tonight on our Christmas Film Countdown it was the Netflix original ‘Klaus’. It came highly recommended by our friend Ruth and it had all the elements of a fantastic festive film. Lots of laughter, family, friends and a few tears at the end. What a delight. 9/10 because no film is perfect (apart from The Goonies).

On another note, yesterday I totally forgot to mention that I had a WONDERFUL video call with my brother, Josh. Seeing his little face absolutely made my day and I can’t tell you how much I can’t wait to see him, squeeze him and never let go! The biggest thing this strange time has taught me (I already knew, of course, but more so than before), is that family truly is the most important thing in this weird world.

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