UK Lockdown: Day 255

When you wake up feeling a bit down in December there’s only one thing to do; play some Christmas tunes and put on your best festive jumper. This morning that’s exactly what I did. After a bad night sleep, an anxious time at 4am, and a bout of self-doubt I decided to treat myself to a morning of cheer.

It’s important to help yourself and give yourself a lift if you can. That’s exactly what I did today (for a change I actually practiced what I preach). I jumped out of bed and into the shower, popped Mariah Carey on and treated myself to a long hot shower and a deep-condition for my hair.

During the rest of the morning my mood lifted slightly and I was able to take a look at some job opportunities and do some of my online course. I also treated us to a Full English breakfast delivery because we are worth it.

The afternoon was wet and miserable but we still headed out for our daily walk. Today we went into town (big mistake- we’d forgotten the shops had reopened… but there you go), and bumped into Luke’s mum, so we had a wander round with her and treated ourselves to a hot chocolate. I managed to get a couple of ideas for Christmas and bought a few bits too.

My crafty brain also got busy tonight drawing angels by hand *facepalm*, which was more difficult than I could’ve imagined. And here’s another lovely card I made.

It’s the final of I’m a Celeb tonight so we’re watching that and then our Christmas film tonight is Jingle Jangle!

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