UK Lockdown: Day 257

Sunday’s in lockdown aren’t too dissimilar to regular Sunday’s for me, Sunday is about family, food and fun, and although life isn’t that fun at the moment we make it as fun as we can with keeping our minds and bodies occupied and trying to keep up morale!

Today we had a lazy morning and I did a spot of colouring for my next two crafts.

Then we headed for our walk out to my Mums this afternoon for our lovey Sunday dinner. Every Sunday I wish I had my sister, brother and Grandad with me, but sadly that’s not the case at the moment so I suck it up and enjoy the day as best I can- after all, I am very lucky I can see my Mum. And I really do appreciate her, more than I let her know really.

The afternoons antics were filled with decorating her house to be as Christmassy as ours, making a roast chicken dinner and talking to my lovely sister and her partner. I can’t wait to see them on Christmas Eve in the UK’s four day period to rush and see your family! How bizarrely make-believe does that seem?

We also watched the second Christmas Chronicles and now we’re snuggling down to watch Let It Snow. I can’t believe we’ve watched seven Christmas films already, the countdown is really on now.

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