UK Lockdown: Day 258

After a lazy lie-in, caused by a fluffy cat named Coco spooning Luke and myself, I decided to make the most of what was left of the morning by cleaning the bathroom and doing some laundry.

And, the Christmas theme continues today because I’ve done some more online shopping for the big day and I am almost finished… pending how much furlough I do or don’t receive in the middle of the month…

Also along the Christmassy lines, I made a few more cards ahead of our exciting trip tomorrow (*stay tuned*). These two are religious themed, who do you think the characters are?

This evening has been spent getting toasty and warm after a really cold walk- it was 5 degrees but felt more like -5! We’ve enjoyed a homemade Chinese takeaway; leftover roast chicken made into a chow mein, with mini spring rolls and sweet chilli sauce. Delicious.

Tonight’s Christmas Film Countdown was going to be a Polar Express but I really couldn’t get into it, so we’ve changed our choice to the Twelve Men of Christmas, a comedy-drama about a successful businesswoman with a new challenge at Christmas, getting twelve men on a Calle day shoot.

The best thing about my day though was that Luke and I have had so many open and honest conversations today. I love that I can talk to him about absolutely anything, wether I’m asking him something utterly stupid that my brain couldn’t understand or having a deep conversation about creationism and evolution. I’m one lucky lady.

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