UK Lockdown: Day 260

After our ‘busy’ day yesterday, today has been pretty homely, cosy and calm.

I woke up feeling refreshed after a good nights sleep and headed downstairs to do some work on my laptop. My morning was spent browsing jobs, checking-up on applications and clearing my inbox. To my excite and surprise, I have been invited to two interviews, and another job (through an agency) also looks promising. But, more than that, I’m feeling strangely calm- the right job will come at the right time, and there’s no point at all in stressing myself about it in the middle of a pandemic. Something which helps me stay calm, or rather someone, is the lovely Coco. So beautiful and serene. Black cat blanket

After Lockdown 1 and spending most days as a worrying mess, Lockdown 2 has made me much more aware of my own capabilities and I’m using the time to study a few things online, become a better version of myself (i.e less swearing and stressing) and appreciate myself and my own self worth… pretty big stuff for a tiny mind like mine, right? I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, your mental health matters much more than your job, your bank balance, or the amount of property you own (something I only fully understood in the strange year of 2020.

This afternoon we had a lovely journey out and on the walk back we spotted a beautifully decorated house.

Festive house Leeds

When we got home I made a big pot of Yorkshire tea and wrapped a few Christmas presents (and sobbed as I wrapped my brothers knowing I won’t be allowed to see him). Our festive film tonight is the wonderful ‘Jingle All The Way’ with the fabulous Arnold Schwarzenegger. I love him!

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