UK Lockdown: Day 261

Festive fancies, cuddly cats, and lots of laughter were on the agenda for day 261… not that I can quite believe it’s been that long- but there you go.

This snowy-sky Thursday gave us the great opportunity to visit Tong Garden centre with my Mum and her partner, and my goodness did it feel great- I absolutely love it there, and it always makes me feel like a big kid, especially at Christmas.

Christmas decorations lights festive display

I mean isn’t this just magical? The whole place is decorated so beautifully at this time of year and I love these wonderful displays which are always intricately painted and displayed in an amazing set up. You could almost imagine walking through this village below.

Christmas display, festive light display

After a lovely walk round the centre we headed back to Mum’s for a spot of lunch. Cheese and piccalilli sandwiches (the chutney was from the garden centre and was delicious), I love them. We had a lovely chat with them and a nice chill before heading home. We walked part of the way and through a park I remember playing with as a child, before getting the bus home.

This evening we’ve had none stop cat cuddles and cosy snuggles under the blanket. Our Christmas film for the night is ‘The Grinch’, with the flawless Jim Carrey- the original is the best.

The grinch

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