UK Lockdown: Day 262

262 days of wondering when this pandemic will be over. Wow. I wonder how many times I’ve used the facepalm emoji in that time? Hopefully I’ll never use it this much again.

Jokes aside, is anyone else just done with this now? I realise nobody was ever onboard with the idea of no hugs or socialising in the first place, but is it just me that is so done with it all?

It might be because I’ve spent most of my day chasing up ANOTHER LATE FURLOUGH payment, but I am SO DONE with lockdown, furlough, tiers, not seeing my family and not hugging people. I really like hugs. And I really want you o go out again and eat food in a restaurant- I mean just look how happy I am here to eat pizza. How is this two months ago already?!Woman smiling and eating pizza

This afternoon I was thinking of all the job roles I might be suited to if I get made redundant, aside from spending the day panicking like an idiot (something I told myself I wouldn’t do…). I’ve decided I would be great at the following opportunities; as a street performer shouting profanities at people, as a Chief Worrier, tea taster, cat cuddler or I could set up an Only Fans page for people who like to watch you sleep.

In order to get away from my mind of worrying we went for our daily walk into Leeds city centre. It looked like it might snow and I was gutted that it didn’t, but I think there’s still a chance for a white Christmas. It’s been over a decade since it actually snowed on Christmas Day. We’ve had sleet and that black ice that causes people to skid all over the place, but never the snow that crunches under your feet as you walk. I miss that snow, just not when you have to go to work or travel far, then it’s an absolute nightmare.

Snow Angel gif

Another way I’m trying to perk myself up is by eating a mahoosive portion of fish and chips, binge-watching Taskmaster and watching Christmas films. Tonight should be ‘Last Christmas’ but I’m going to try and persuade Luke to watch ‘Bad Santa’ instead because laughter is the best medicine for a stressy Becky. Well, that and drinking alcohol, which isn’t actually the best idea, is it?

Bad Santa review

Tomorrow I’m having a socially distanced walk with a few friends and then a virtual Christmas party night with the girls and Luke, so that should make me feel very jolly!

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