UK Lockdown: Day 263-265

Wow- what a busy weekend (well, busy for a lockdown weekend…)

On Saturday we had a wonderful walk with one of our couple friends (socially distanced before anyone bites my head off). It was our friend, Ben’s 30th birthday on Sunday and I couldn’t not see him- and we’re all really bad at keeping in touch so I’ve only seen him once before lockdown, once in Lockdown.1 and now in Lockdown.2, this year. We’ve known each other since we were preteens so I couldn’t imagine not seeing him around his birthday. It’s a shame we weren’t both eating enough Italian carbs for the month in a nice restaurant, but I suppose a wet walk around a local park is better than nothing!

That evening, Luke and I also had another great meet-up, this time virtually, over Zoom. My school ‘girl friends’ and I always have a Christmas gathering and drink copious amounts of gin, rum or Prosecco (sometimes all three), and of course in the crazy year of 2020 that had to happen virtually. I even painted my nails and wore actual makeup to sit on my sofa…

Day 264 was also a day of fun and frolics (just the lazy kind). Luke and I (mostly Luke) made a gammon roast with all the trimmings and saw my Mum and his Dad. We spent the afternoon watching Christmas films – Last Christmas and Love Actually, both are absolute British Christmas classics that you just HAVE to watch in December. Even if you don’t ‘do’ Christmas, you have to watch Love Actually.

Yesterday I also managed to fall down the stairs, slightly wind myself, graze my arm and seriously hurt my coccyx and back which meant I spent the evening wincing every time I moved. But, apart from that I had a good weekend.

I must share my Christmas nails whilst I think about it- my mum was in awe of them! I suppose they are quite cute.

Monday has also been pretty swell. Today I had an interview which I was SOOOO nervous about, but when I actually got talking I felt fairly confident. The interviewers were really genuine people and I felt like I was just talking about myself and the establishment in a positive way- so fingers crossed.

The afternoon was spent having a wander round the city centre and then we popped in to see Sammy, Luke’s parents cat, and check he was okay while they were both out.

I’ve also been doing some crafting today, and now I’m planning a bath to fix my bruised body, before tonight’s Christmas film, which is Miracle on 34th Street.

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