UK Lockdown: Day 266

Ten days until Christmas Day- and I am feeling very merry today. I’ve had lots of pleasant news and felt the love today.

This morning I woke up to a lovely and practical present being delivered to my door (and a present for Luke). I can’t tell you what Luke’s present is, but the other one was a microwave bought by my Mum for us both.

Next on my happy 15th December list was that I have been offered the job I had an interview for just yesterday! I’m feeling very lucky as there were quite a few candidates. I also had another interview today which I think also went really well.

Then I was greeted with delightful cuddles from the girls (our cats, Coco and Angel). The little lovelies. Here’s a throwback photo of them both balancing on Luke’s knee this summer.

This afternoon we also had a lovely stroll over to see Sammy again at Luke’s dads house. He also offered us lots of cat cuddles and heaps of love. What a love-filled day I’ve had!

After a spot of food shopping we headed home and somehow ended up dancing round the living room to ‘The Ketchup Song’, as you do on a Tuesday evening. Luke got on with tea whilst I leaped around some more to various nineties classics including the Vengaboys and Eiffel 65. Just your average Tuesday really.

Elf the movie Will Ferrell

This evenings Christmas Countdown film was going to be Arthur Christmas, but I really want to watch Elf, so that’s the plan. I absolutely love Will Ferrell in this modern classic. So it here goes along with a celebratory beer and a doughnut. What a combo.

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