UK Lockdown: Day 267

What a wonderful Wednesday. I woke up feeling a bit dazed after a rubbish nights sleep but I felt good because I knew today was the day I accepted my new job for 2021. I’m really excited to start a new career and hopefully I will do well in this line of work.

Today was also good because my furlough came through. I feel a bit like Ms Moneybags but I’ll refrain from spending it all and try and be sensible.

Money throwing gif

The most important part of my day was seeing my mum and doing some final Christmas shopping! I am now all sorted…. apart from the mound of wrapping I have to do (and all of Luke’s as well).

I had such a great time walking around all the shops and spending some quality time with my Mum. The only down side was that we couldn’t sit in a cosy cafe and have a lunch and coffee break. Somehow, a Greggs in the rain and a hot chocolate on a wet bench doesn’t have quite the same effect. Also, how is a cafe/restaurant socially distanced less safe than walking round a busy shopping centre?

After all that walking round and chatting the day away, I was shattered. When we got home I had thought about wrapping the Christmas gifts but I could not be bothered at all so instead I sat on the sofa and thought about all the things I wanted to buy myself. I got myself some new boots ordered for my birthday (the ones I’d ordered before weren’t comfy at all).

Also on tonight’s agenda was It’s A Wonderful Life but I just couldn’t get into the whole black and white video thing, so we decided on the comedy that is Christmas with the Kranks. And we’ve also watched Secret Life Of Pets 2, because we are big kids.

Christmas with the Kranks

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