UK Lockdown: Day 268 & 269

Thursday and today have blended into one day of busyness. Nothing important, but getting ready for Christmas kind of stuff. Coco’s contribution to these activities was napping and being cute.

Both days started with me doing some more of my Google Garage course and a few household chores. Not too exciting but important nonetheless. In fact, my bathroom smells an awful lot like chlorine due to the amount I cleaned it this morning- not that it actually needed that deep of a clean. Also, don’t get cleaning spray in your eyes kids. It stings.

This afternoon we dropped off a few more cards for family members and we did a spot of household shopping for a few baking bits and bobs, storage containers and a Christmas dress for me (priorities, right?).

Yesterday evening Luke and I wrapped all the presents we had left to do and sipped Irish cream while listening to Christmas music- I don’t know who decided Irish cream was a festive drink, but I am glad. I love wrapping presents anyway, but watching Luke’s concentrating face was equally hilarious.

Tonight is a lot more chill, we got in after our shopping, made homemade fish and chips and settled down for movies and chill. Luke is currently having a bath and soaking his aching bones. Bless him, being 6 foot 7 can’t be fun. Whilst he has a soak I’m watching Home Alone because, why not?

Macaulay Culkin was a cute and comical kid.

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